Monday, February 21, 2011

Oklahoma Calls for a Constitutional Convention

House Concurrent Resolution 1001 calls for a constitutional convention to propose that federal expenditures during a fixed time period not exceed federal revenues or anticipated revenues during that time period; imposing prohibitions or limits on federal debt; or imposing limits on expenditures, revenue, and taxes.
Additionally, requiring that all bills, orders, votes, and resolutions introduced in and passed by Congress contain only a single subject and by providing a minimum time period before passage for bills, orders, votes and resolutions to be reviewed by members of Congress and members of the general public.
The resolution also calls to restrain the powers of the federal government by clarifying that the Constitution does not authorize Congress to employ its spending power to regulate activities otherwise outside its enumerated powers and prohibiting mandates or requirements on any state, subdivision of any state, or any official thereof, unless the federal government fully funds the cost of compliance.
Finally it moves to empower the state legislatures to repeal all or certain acts of Congress and administrative regulations.

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