Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oklahoma Bottle Recycling Act

Oklahoma Bottle Recycling Act
SENATE BILL 140 called “Oklahoma Bottle Recycling Act” establishes a refund of not less than $.05 on each beverage container. These containers must be clean, unbroken and empty.  No minor may return a bottle which was used for alcoholic beverage.  As noted in the bill “The Legislature hereby finds that beverage containers are a major source of nondegradable litter in this state and that the collection and disposal of this litter and solid waste constitutes a great financial burden for the citizens of this state; that, in addition to this unnecessary expenditure of tax dollars, such litter unreasonably interferes with the enjoyment of life and property by our citizens; and that the practice of littering is not compatible with previously adopted policies of the state in regard to proper use and protection of our natural resources.”  This law would create incentives for the manufacturers, distributors, dealers and consumers of beverage containers to reuse or recycle beverage containers, thereby removing the blight on the landscape caused by the illegal disposal of these containers and reducing the costs of litter collection and disposal.
Additionally any beverage in a beverage container sold or offered for sale in this state shall be in a returnable beverage container. Participating dealers would also have to place signs advising consumers of the amount of deposit (and therefore your refund) and locations of redemption centers.  The deposit would vary based on the size of the container.
With the amount of litter found in the state and the fact you may return them for money this is a great idea, in my opinion. When I was a child my brother and I collected bottles from lakes, roadsides etc and returned them for cash.  I hope you will support this bill and let your representatives know that you do!

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