Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Equality or Hypocrisy?

The media and activists are now claiming there is marriage equality. That is like saying there was freedom for all men in the early years of the United States. One of your calling points- the founders claim freedom but not for all. This is the same. You claim there is marriage equality – but it is only for the privileged.
There are millions born with a proclivity for multiple spouses. However, I did not see anyone marching and calling for equality for bigamist marriage. Where is their equality? Bigaphobes!
There are millions who are born with an affinity for tweens. Where is the equality for the 40 year old wanting to marry their 13 year old consensual lover? Where are the people enabling the love of a 14 and 12 year old that were born with a higher maturity than average and wish to only express their love in matrimony?Where is their equality? Pediphobes!
Equality in marriage? I hardly think so. Is equality special privileges for a few while the people you decide are not “normal” are left out of society? If so then you have marital equality.