Thursday, May 10, 2012

OK Governor Signs ‘Gray Water’ Legislation

State Rep. Scott Martin said today a new law will encourage the reuse of “gray water” in private homes.
House Bill 2835, by Martin, was signed into law today by Gov. Mary Fallin. It creates a permit exemption for gray water systems that use less than 250 gallons of gray water per day for gardening, composting or landscape maintenance. Gray water is defined in the bill as untreated household wastewater that has not come in contact with toilet waste or water from a kitchen sink.
“I have had several people express a desire to take charge of their water consumption by recycling their gray water,” said Martin, R-Norman. “I applaud their interest in water conservation and think the state should support private residential projects that cut water usage. Common sense reuse is good policy and an option for homeowners during times of drought or water rationing. The average consumer has the potential to realize savings on their monthly water bill through conservation.”
The new law takes effect Nov. 1, 2012. It requires qualifying gray water systems to comply with municipal or county ordinances, minimize standing water, minimize contact with people or domestic pets, include cover for any storage tank, provide for overflow into the sewer or a wastewater treatment and disposal system and clearly identify gray water pressure piping as a non-potable water conduit. The system must also be located outside of a floodway and five feet above the groundwater table. 


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