Tuesday, May 22, 2012

April Oklahoma Employment Numbers

The BLS has released April employment and unemployment numbers. The preliminary unemployment rate for April in Oklahoma is 4.4%. This is down .5% from the March rate of 4.9%. In terms of numbers that is a little over 7,600 fewer unemployed than the March count of 86,403.
As compared to April 2011, the rate last year was 5.4% which was also a .5% drop from March of 2011. April 2012 is 1% lower than last year. The total unemployed in April of 2012 was 94,872 compared to 78,740 of this year. That is a decline of 16,132 or 17% fewer people unemployed in April of 2012 than in April 2011.
As shown in the graph below, the rate has dropped 1.9% since January of this year.
Oklahoma Unemployment Rate 2011 – 2012

Oklahoma Number Unemployed 2011 -2012

The number reported as employed in April 2012 grew by 14,121 to 1,705,846. This represents a 1% growth in the number of people employed from March of this year. This also represents a growth of 2% or 38,870 from April of 2011.
Oklahoma Employed 2011 – 2012

Labor Force
The increase in the number employed outpaced the growth of the labor force by over 2 to 1. The workforce saw an increase of 6,458 from March to April as compared to the increase of 14,121 people employed over the same period.
Oklahoma Labor Force 2011 – 2012

The new claims filed for the first week of May (ending May 05, 2012) from the previous reporting week (ending April 28, 2012) increased by 394 from 2,199 to 2,153.
Initial Claims May 5,2012

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