Wednesday, April 11, 2012

School Administrator Professional Development Pilot Program

Senate Bill 1185 instructs the State Board of Education, subject to the availability of funds, to establish the School Administrator Professional Development Pilot Program. The pilot program will require professional development academies for two groups of principals. Principals between their second and fifth year as principal must complete 10 hours of academy designed to improve leadership and organizational skills. Any principal of a school that does not make adequate yearly progress will be required to complete six hours of academy the year after the school did not meet adequate yearly progress. The academy will include information on education leadership, resolving complex problems, communications and developing self and others.
The State Department of Education must develop a list of approved professional development providers and will pay, subject to the availability of funds, all reasonable costs associated with attending the academy including tuition, fees, mileage and lodging.
Representative Lee Denney stated "I don’t think the programs are missing anything, we want our principals to have this training between years 2 and 5 and any time the school fails to meet AYP." She added "We have training and this is mandating when the training must happen."
The bill has passed the Senate and passed the House Appropriations and Budget Committee today.

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