Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pro Tem Bingman statement on Senate Judiciary passage of public safety reform plan

Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman issued the following statement Tuesday in response to the passage of House Bill 3052, a statewide public safety reform effort, in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
“Oklahoma needs a renewed plan to make our communities safer, one that is tough on crime and fiscally conservative. We know our criminal justice system is on an unsustainable path. Today, the Senate advanced a common-sense, conservative plan to put more police officers on the streets, stop criminals from reoffending once they have completed prison sentences, and target taxpayer dollars using an effective approach to fighting crime. Senator Nichols, a former Assistant District Attorney with a proven track record of effective crime fighting, should be applauded for his thoughtful work on this important piece of legislation. I would also like to commend House Speaker Kris Steele for his vision and tenacity to make Oklahoma a safer place for our families. I urge my colleagues to support the passage of HB 3052 by the full Senate.”

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