Wednesday, April 25, 2012

bill strengthening protections for stalking/domestic violence victims

The Senate gave unanimous approval to House Bill 2396, by Sen. Kim David and Rep. Wade Rousselot, to better protect victims of domestic violence by increasing protective orders from three to five years. The measure would also allow lifetime protective orders in certain cases.
The bill came to the Senate floor on Wednesday, which was also Domestic Violence Awareness Day at the State Capitol and was a legislative priority for the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Oklahoma is currently 11th in the nation in the number of women killed by men. David said increasing the length of time a restraining order remains in effect is important to the safety and well-being of domestic violence victims.
“In developing this legislation, I’ve worked with victims of domestic violence and stalking who’ve been harassed and terrorized for years, but have to return to the courts every three years to renew their protective orders. They have to be in the same room with the person who has victimized them without any guarantee the protective order will be renewed,” David, R-Porter. “This bill will make a tremendous difference in the lives of these individuals by ensuring they always have that protection and aren’t forced to continually face their abusers in court every few years.”
Under HB 2396, a judge could issue a lifetime protective order if an individual has a history of violating any court or governmental orders or has a previous felony conviction for stalking and a court order for a final Victim Protection Order has previously been issued against the person in this state or from another state. The protective order would remain in effect until modified by the court. If the defendant is behind bars, the protective order would remain in full force during the period of incarceration.
“In 2010, 51 Oklahomans, mostly women and children, were victims of domestic homicide. More than 25,000 were victims of domestic violence,” said Rousselot, D-Okay. “This bill gives us another tool to better protect victims of stalking and domestic violence, and hopefully will help us save lives.”
HB 2396 now goes to the governor for consideration.


  1. All they will ever do is pass laws that no one is ever going to enforce. I have been stalked for years in this state. They've traveled to threaten my parent in one state and stalked me where another lives in another state. I know they are from here because of their license plates and the dealership advertisement on their vehicles.

    I have received death threats via the mail-filled with powder. Call the police and all they do is tell you to hire someone. I've already been through that $500 an hour scam and cannot afford it. They break and enter to "teach" security lessons. They've followed me to other people's homes and entered their homes leaving objects to let me know they have entered their homes.

    My house is bugged and has been for years. They do this to convince others that the victim is crazy. Which makes sense since everyone in Oklahoma is a self-professed psychiatrist ready and willing to help.

    If you hire someone else, they'll just do it again to "teach" you that the person you hired was worthless.

    I do not want to and cannot undergo police training and shouldn't have to. Reporting it to the police does no good as they could care less about anyone other than themselves.

    I am always being harassed-throwing eggs, calls, entering homes, threatening friends and family members, etc.- and typically I see a county deputy nearby. This leads me to believe they are using those morons off the military bases to do the breaking and entering under the guise of law enforcement.

    It's a no win situation and a very depressing one at that.

    Not too long ago I caught one that had entered a home around Thanksgiving of last year making a comment on a local loudmouth's crime fighter blog. He left a monkey wrench and some screws in their home and posted this in his comment. We all wondered where the items came from then recalled see someone driving into the woods prior to this happening.

    This blogger poses as a "Christian" quoting scripture and her articles on such reason to trust her. These people own a blog that is set up in a state where a parent is being stalked. I recognized a partner after stumbling on to their blog once. What's more, I used to attend a denomination of church she professes to represent. I left the church years ago because they are a political action committee and were becoming very cult like.

    This church represents well knowns that bash gays, women, government, and anyone still breathing. Among their political recruits are well known drunks dragged from the pew and inserted into office for the purpose of bringing about a Christlike kingdom.

    I, for one, could do without the buffoonery. And, I certainly do not appreciate their undercover charity work as they break and enter in order to do the job that law enforcement should be doing.

    It wasn't until a storm hit Woodward this spring did I realize where all the harassing phone calls were coming from all these years.The person that entered the home Thanksgiving turned my cell on and it appeared as if my mother had called. I called her and she hadn't.(Trying to force a family of crazys I suppose)

    I was personally wiped out in a storm once and after moving into a new location soon after had problems.

    I attributed these problems to stress. It wasn't.

    The people in Oklahoma are operating a kidnapping import/export operation in which they haul in illegals to work-storms I guess- all the while convincing others they aren't.

    The illegal surveillance is an excuse to hide behind people and I know for a fact I am not the only one that is being extorted.

    I am not interested in participating in one of their "studies" in which nothing is ever done other than writing new and improved laws that no one is ever going to enforce.

  2. I am now very armed as their constitutional teachings of the do-it yerself possee they've enacted in the area forces me to defend myself. I cannot keep them out of my home at all times, but can most of the time.

    Having to constantly look over your shoulder makes you feel as if you've done something and I think that's what they want...everyone feeling bad and guilty about something so they can fix them. To save money for the state and county by utilizing these people is only making the situation worse for not only myself, but many others.

    It must stop! I won't pay up! Never in a million years!