Sunday, April 21, 2013

School Emergency Laws signed by Gov


Emergency Drills

The measure requires that in addition to the two lockdown drills required in statute, school districts must conduct a minimum of eight safety drills. This must include two fire drills per school year. Each fire drill will be conducted within the first 15 days of each semester and must include a distinctive audible signal designated as the fire alarm. Schools must conduct two intruder drills each year for the purpose of mitigating injuries or death by executing a plan as an alternative to lockdown. Intruder  drills also must be conducted within the first 15 days of each semester. Schools must conduct two tornado drills per school year with at least one in the months of September and March. Administrators may determine the use of the remaining drills. Districts must documents each fire drill and keep the records for at least three years to be made available to the State Fire Marshal upon request. Districts also must document all other drills and file copies at the school, the district administrative office and the Institute for School Security Resources.

Oklahoma School Security Institute

SB 257 directs the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security to designate a division within the office as the “Oklahoma School Security Institute”. The Institute is to act as the central repository for the public and private elementary and secondary schools to contact for information on resources to enhance school security and assess risks and threats to school campuses. The Institute’s goals and objectives are to maximize school security training; assist and coordinate with school administrators in the development and implementation of safety drills; facilitate efforts to utilize any available programs or entities specializing in security issues; and create and coordinate any working groups when necessary to continue developing and implementing new strategies and techniques on school security. Allows the Institute to develop a telephone tip line for reports of activity that may compromise school safety.

Emergency Response Organizations

The measure establishes the date of November 1 by which schools, administration buildings and institutions of higher learning must provide the annual updated plans for protecting students, faculty and visitors from disasters and emergencies required by law. The measure specifies that the plans must be submitted in an acceptable format to the emergency agency, which may include police, fire, emergency medical services, sheriff and emergency management of the appropriate jurisdiction.

Firearms Reporting

SB 259 requires a school authority to immediately report to law enforcement the discovery of a firearm upon a student that is not a minor or upon any other person not authorized to possess a firearm on school property. The firearm is required to be delivered to law enforcement.

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