Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Laws signed by OK Governor

Legal Scales

Manufactured Home Sales

HB 1078 would prevent a manufacturer from selling, exchanging or lease-purchasing a manufactured home to a person who is not a licensed manufactured home dealer.

Handgun License

HB 1243 states a person subject to the provisions of a deferred sentence for the offenses of:

  • any assault and battery which caused serious physical injury to the victim or any second or subsequent assault and battery,
  • any aggravated assault and battery,
  • any stalking or a similar law of another state,
  • any violation of the Protection from Domestic Abuse Act or any violation of a victim protection order of another state,
  • any violation relating to illegal drug use or possession,
  • an act of domestic abuse as defined by Section 644 of this title or an act of domestic assault and battery or any comparable acts under the law of another state

shall not eligible for a handgun license for three years and shall begin upon the final determination of the matter.

Property Tax

HB1265 directs the county assessor to reassess properties damaged by fire, lightning, storms, winds, floodwaters, overflow of streams or other natural events, and present the reassessment to the board of tax roll collections for their consideration. The measure also extends the deadline, from January 1 to October 1 of the taxable year involved, to amend clerical errors when the name of the true owner is incorrect.

The measure relates to procedures of county boards of equalization in instances where properties are damaged, impaired or destroyed by natural events and the reassessment of value based on the change is considered by the board of tax roll corrections. Changes in fair cash value will depend on the amount of value altered by the natural event.

Space Flight Immunity

HB1882 creates the Space Flight Liability and Immunity Act to limit the liability of a space flight entity if a participant of space flight activities is injured. The measure requires the space flight entity to post a warning statement, inform participant of the risks associated with space flight activities as required by state and federal law and receive informed consent from the participant.

Protective Order Processes

HB 1912 reads that a court may not require the victim seeking a protective order to seek legal sanctions against the defendant including, but not limited to, divorce,separation, paternity or criminal proceedings prior to hearing a petition for protective order.

This law also states the court shall not impose any term and condition that may compromise the safety of the victim including, but not limited to, mediation, couples counseling, family counseling, parenting classes or joint victim-offender counseling sessions.

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