Tuesday, February 28, 2012

House Votes to Eliminate Lines for Driver’s License

Oklahomans may soon have an alternative to waiting hours at the Department of Public Safety to take the driving test required to get a license.
House Bill 2367, which is largely identical to several bills authored by state Rep. Mike Reynolds over the last seven years, would allow individuals who pass a driver’s education course at a certified driving school to be exempt from having to take a separate driving test administered by the Department of Public Safety.
Reynolds, who co-authored House Bill 2367 to implement a common-sense approach that would benefit the taxpayers over government bureaucracy, praised the bill’s passage.
“It is and has been a waste of taxpayers’ time and resources to require students to retake a driver’s test after they have already successfully completed a course and driver’s test at a certified driving school,” said Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City. “I have been fighting for this law for nine years and am pleased to see it move so close to becoming law.”
Reynolds noted that a similar exemption was in place until roughly a decade ago. Since then, teenagers have been forced to take driver’s tests administered by the Department of Public Safety in order to obtain a license.
In some cases, Reynolds said the lines are so long that it can take students two days to actually have an opportunity to take the driving test.
“When you have a student who has already completed a certified course, it makes no sense to force that youth to miss several days of school for duplicative effort,” Reynolds said.
House Bill 2367 passed out of the Oklahoma House of Representatives today. It now proceeds to the state Senate.

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