Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pro-Family Group Warns of Agenda Behind SPLC’s “Mix It Up” Day

Dave Bohon
The New American
October 19, 2012

The American Family Association (AFA) is warning parents about an upcoming “entry level” diversity program being promoted by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) under its “Teaching Tolerance” project. On October 30, at over 2,000 schools across the nation, the SPLC will activate its annual Mix It up at Lunch Day, which it describes as a campaign, established a decade ago, that “encourages students to identify, question and cross social boundaries.”

The SPLC explains that in its surveys, “students have identified the cafeteria as the place where divisions are most clearly drawn. So on one day — October 30 this school year — we ask students to move out of their comfort zones and connect with someone new over lunch. It’s a simple act with profound implications. Studies have shown that interactions across group lines can help reduce prejudice. When students interact with those who are different from them, biases and misperceptions can fall away.”

According to the SPLC, the goal of the Mix It up Day (MIU) is to get students to reach out and dialogue with others they feel uncomfortable with, such as students from other cultures, races, and ethnicities. But in a recent Action Alert, the AFA warned that the event is also a thinly disguised attempt to promote the homosexual lifestyle among elementary and junior high school students. “MIU is a project of the fanatical pro-homosexual group, Southern Poverty Law Center,” the AFA explained. “This is the same organization that launched hateful and malicious rhetoric toward the Family Research Council just prior to the August shooting of a security guard by an SPLC sympathizer.”

The AFA said the SPLC is using its MIU day “to bully-push its gay agenda, and at the same time intimidate and silence students who have a Biblical view of homosexuality.” In a follow-up alert the AFA said that “many school administrators were offended to learn that their school was listed as a ‘participating’ school on the SPLC website and ordered it removed immediately. In some cases, students or teachers independently signed the school up without approval, leaving principals and superintendents unprepared for phone calls from concerned parents.”

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