Wednesday, July 25, 2012

June 2012 OK Employment Statistics



Initial claims rose from 2,450 week ending 6/2/2012 to 2,997 the week ending 6/30/2012, or an increase of 547 new claims filed during June.

June2012 Initial Claims

Continued claims decreased by 11 from 22,470 from the 6/2/2012 week to 23,261 for the week ending 6/30/2012. AS the image below shows, the number has been increasing since the second week of June.

June2012 Continued Claims

According to the BLS the number of unemployed persons in June rose by 9,487 from May to 96,477. This is almost an 11% increase from may, although it is still lower than the beginning of this year.

June2012 Unemployed


The total number of employed persons rose by 18,958 from May to June meaning that there were 18,958 more people with jobs in June that there were in May.

June2012 Employed

The reason for an increase in both unemployment and those employed is due to the increase of 28,445 in the labor force from May to June. As the image below shows, the labor force and number of employed persons has continued to grow in Oklahoma this year.


The final image below shows the labor force, employed and unemployed changes throughout this year in Oklahoma.


While the data shows the labor force has grown faster than the available jobs a growth of nearly 19,000 jobs is good news to a lot of Oklahomans!

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