Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oklahoma County District Court’s Dismissal of Redistricting Challenge

Oklahoma County District Judge Lisa Davis on Tuesday dismissed Sen. Jim Wilson’s lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Senate Redistricting plan.
“I'm very pleased Judge Davis decided the case promptly and professionally. It is time for this unending litigation to come to a close. This is Sen. Wilson’s third loss in three attempts in just over a month. The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled the plan was constitutional, denied a request for a rehearing, and today an Oklahoma County Judge dismissed his second lawsuit. His argument on the constitutionality of the plan has been thrown out by the highest court in our state and again today by a lower court.
“The Senate approved our bipartisan redistricting plan by a vote of 38-6, with eight members of the minority party voting in favor of the proposal.
“Regrettably, media reports indicate he plans yet another appeal, further wasting taxpayer resources. It’s time for Sen. Wilson to accept the judgment of the Legislature, Governor and Judiciary that the plan is constitutional.”

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