Tuesday, May 3, 2011


On May 2 2011 Mary Fallin, Oklahoma Governor passed HB1776 which  requires candidates for state office, candidates for municipal office in a municipality of over 250,000 persons and candidates for county office in a county of over 250,000 persons that are allowed to receive the maximum campaign contribution of $5,000 to file a contribution report with the Ethics Commission.  The measure directs the Commission to make such reports available online.  The PCS also imposes the reporting requirement on county, municipal, and school district elections.
the report will include The carryover from a previous campaign or cumulative period. Also the grand total of contributions from the last campaign contributions and expenditures report unless beginning a new campaign or cumulative period.
The specific identification of each contributor who gives a contribution which exceeds Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00), including:
a.            the date the contribution is accepted,
b.            the contributor's address, and
c.             a specific description of the contribution;

The aggregate value of all contributions received from each such contributor during the campaign for candidates and candidate committees or during the current calendar year for other committees and the aggregate total of all contributions in the amount of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) or less, the total sum of all contributions during the current reporting period, the grand total of all contributions for the campaign or cumulative period to date, the grand total of expenditures from the last campaign contributions and expenditures report, unless beginning a new campaign or cumulative period, and all campaign expenditures in detail by categories or objects of expenditure. Also the total of all expenditures during the current reporting period and the grand total of all expenditures for the campaign or cumulative period to date will be reported.
These reports shall be certified by the candidate, the principal officer of the committee, or the designated agent.  No fictitious names shall be used on the reports.  The reports shall show the correct name of the person actually making the contribution.

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