Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sheltered Workshop Act

HB 1228 known as the “Sheltered Workshop Act" allows individuals with developmental disabilities opportunities to participate in meaningful work or training activities. Each workshop will be licensed and provide a safe environment. The OKDHS will be in charge of licensing, inspections and overall activities of the workshops.
A license shall expire twelve months from the date of issuance, unless revoked, and may be renewed annually by the Department of Human Services pursuant to the provisions of the Sheltered Workshop Act.  All licenses shall be on a form prescribed by the Director of Human Services, and shall include, but not be limited to, the kind of program the licensee is certified to operate, the date the license was issued, and the expiration date of the license. 
An applicant or licensee shall be twenty-one years of age or older and of reputable and responsible character.  In addition, the applicant or licensee shall have appropriate business or professional experience. 
No person who is ineligible for employment as a community services worker in accordance with Section 1025.2 of Title 56 of the Oklahoma Statues shall be eligible to be licensed or to receive a contract to become a community services provider. 
Every sheltered workshop shall be inspected at least annually by a duly appointed representative of the Department of Human Services pursuant to rules promulgated by the Sheltered Workshop Act.
Providers or licensees are required to conduct a search of criminal history records and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Community Services Worker Registry (Registry) prior to permanent employment of any community services worker.  The provider or licensee shall not hire, contract with, or use as a volunteer, a person whose name is listed in the Registry or who has a criminal background if the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation search reveals that the applicant has been convicted, pled guilty or pled nolo contendere to misdemeanor assault and battery or any felony. 
This bill has passed both the house and senate and was sent to the governor on April 12, 2011.

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  1. This a terrible Act to happen to the Mentally Challenged, it made it easy for Gov. of States to get rid of our Work Shops, which are terribly needed in the U.S.